Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Design by Mommy Monologues-Vday giveaway #3

I'm happy to have Kate over at Mommy Monologues here today. I love her, she is so sweet and she always keeps it real! She is offering TWO giveaways today!  How Fab is that?!

*First-She is offering one of her premade designs. These are semi-customizable.

*Second- She is ALSO offering one of her Coach Bag packages.

(This does not include the cost of an istock image)

Here's more about her:

Hello! My name is Kate. I live on a very tight budget since my husband and I made the decision for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I couldn't afford to spend the $$$ on a blog design like I wanted. Which led me to start doing research on how to do blog design, change elements, add signatures, fiddle with the Blogger HTML coding, make menu bars, etc. My mother-in-law asked me to set up a blog for her, so I did a design as well, & then she advertised to everyone that I did her design & to hire me. I almost passed out, I actually felt like I had NO idea what I was doing. But I got my first order after her post & the rest is history.

I love, love, love being able to "Beautify the Blogsophere" one blog at a time. I know how valuable a person's blog is, so I feel very privileged that Leigh asked me to be a part of her Valentine's Day Giveaway! Good luck & I look forward to working with you!

To Enter do each of the following for one entry:

~Become a google follower of Funky Faith Girl
~Become a google follower of Mommy Monologues
~follow Funky Faith Girl on Twitter
~follow Mommy Monologues on Twitter
~Become a fan of Funky Faith Girl on facebook

This giveaway will end on Saturday February 12th at Midnight.  Winners will be chosen and announced on Sunday the 13th.


mamawest777 said...

I did them all!! Following you already!

The Moshells said...

Became a google follower of Mommy Monologues....

The Moshells said...

and became of Mommy Monologues on FB. (Already a Funky Faith Girl fan and follower). :) Fun giveaways!!